About Me

I have just finished my BSc Computer Science degree, receiving a 2:1 class mark overall. For my final project, I received a first class mark. More details about this can be seen in the Portfolio section of the site.


(2004 - 2007)

Before university, I spent a few years working in a variety of different roles in the games industry. I began working at Electronic Arts about two weeks after finishing my A-levels, as a tester. I loved the job, as expected, and decided to stay on there for a while. After about six months, I was promoted to a Senior Tester, which led to me leading teams of up to 25 people on some very large games.

I enjoyed myself a lot as a tester, but I didn't want to do it forever. After seeing it advertised internally, I applied for a job as a designer within the UK Studio at EA. I got the job and moved over to the Studio for just under a year. The game I was originally recruited to work on was unfortunately cancelled, but I was moved onto Burnout Dominator. I really loved this experience, and it was where I met some of my closest friends. These friends were an integral part of why I am so motivated to be a programmer. Working closely with these friends, who were all programmers, I came to realise that I was in slightly the wrong role and that programming would suit me much more thoroughly. I spoke to the HR representative, and found out that a degree would greatly help my chances of becoming a programmer. I therefore left to pursue this goal, and that's where I'm up to now.

During University

(2007 - Present)

During University, I've kept in contact with the industry as best I can, and have had jobs in both of my summer vacations at games companies. After my first year, I worked as a designer at Headstrong Games (formerly Kuju) on House of the Dead: Overkill. It was a fantastic job to have had over the summer. The second year vacation I worked at Supermassive Games, a fairly new games company in Guildford, founded by a number of people I used to work with at EA. I worked on DLC for a very high-profile PS3 title as a designer.

Having returned to the workplace as a designer since leaving EA to become a programmer, it has only cemented my desire to program. Design is a fantastic discipline, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the jobs I have had, but programming is definitely where I will find the most job satisfaction.